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Silence Into Music

use and interpretation of silence in music creation



The workshop aims to present the silence in a creative way through the use of reading techniques, pauses interpretations and the table of time, in order to analyse the possible subdivisions within a time interval. The primary focus is to creatively and mostly musically interpret the studies from the “Book of Silence” and “Rhythmic Fundamentals”, Michael Charles Lauren 2012.


The goal of the workshop is thus enrich the awareness and the spatiotemporal perception of the student, strengthen the rhythmic perception itself availing of a solid inner subdivisions system. If applied creatively, subdivisions will increase the cognition of a time span within two pulses.


Perceiving the duration of a silence through the subdivisions system creates the feeling that time stretches, contracting and dilating. Reinforcing the “fill in” process availing from the table of time is possible then to develop the ability to master a silent interval. Through this process is possible to obtain also more than one unit of measurement and the bigger the ability of using and placement of subdivisions, the bigger the perception and deep awareness of a silent time span.


The ability to read the silence (space) is the method by which the student will learn to count and subdivide maintaining a constant and solid perception of pauses and rests´ durations. Counting and subdividing is the most efficient method to read accurately and consistently the music notation; applying these concepts in music and studies routines the students will benefit development of intense focus, mental toughness (concentration), relaxation, confidence and a deeper sense of time.


Subdivisions finally ensures a most efficient and solid performance within a band situation, “glueing” and tightening musicians together. This process will stimulate new discoveries and practical applications of the concepts for music creation such as composition, performance and improvisation.