A versatile drummer with a fine taste, Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia has worked and recorded with great musicians across Europe.

He is mostly involved in the national jazz scene of Denmark and based in the city of Copenhagen.

Bruno leads different projects as a drummer and composer and as well as an engaging, passionate artistic director.

He works among others at the Italian cultural association Dante Alighieri Copenhagen, as well as a booker in Sankt Augustings church in Copenhagen and Hvor Fru church in Aarhus.

His music stretches broadly in various genres that embraces classical jazz, mainstream, contemporary, advantgarde, jazz-fusion and advanced rhythmical impro.


Bruno has an ongoing research project at the The Royal Conservatory of Music in Aarhus, Denmark. 

The visionary project deals with complex yet musical rhythmic structures that prompt creativity by the means of improvisation and freedom of "not playing".

The performer is thus gently forced to keep focus on the given rhythmical structure whilst having the freedom to improvise anything that the rhythmic structure flow suggest and due to obmission of any harmonic and melodic reference.

Nevertheless the research embraces any ongoing idea that rise during the performance and rehearsal of the material. The actual working band consist of a doublebass, trumpet, altosax, drums, vibraphone and piano. Soon it will be implemented with two cellos and further with other instruments from the classical world.

Eventually will the project be finalized in a ten musicians ensemble where both the classical and rhythmical musician will collectively improvise a fresh, exciting and unexpected new music.


Bruno holds a master degree in music education from the Rhythmic Conservatory of Music, Copenhagen.

A bachelor in jazz drums from the Conservatory of Music in Cagliari, Sardinia and a supplement diploma released by the portuguese jazz academy ESMAE. 

During his education Bruno has attended numerous seminars and workshop with world´s music performers and teachers.