I have been playing drums since I was fifteen and since then I never stopped.

My favorite genre back then to which I started to approach drums was the italian pop music together with the international rock hits like "smoke on the water", "wonderwall" and many others,

With time I developed more skills and therefore new interest in different genres as I started then to play bossanova, latin music and jazz.

In my mid twenties I decided to dedicate more time to music and drums and become a professional player.

I then studied in two academies in Italy and after that I enrolled for a bachelor in jazz drums at the conservatory in my hometown Cagliari.

That choice led me to spend a year in Portugal studying with New York Drummer Collective teacher MIchael Lauren.

After that in 2015 I moved to Denmark where I live and work as a professional drummer and teacher.

I hold a Master in Music Education from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen. At the moment I am enrolled in the Royal Academy of Aarhus in the Solist line.

My research project is about advanced rhythms and structures and how both contemporary and classical musicians can improvise onto that.