"Bruno´s teaching is well structured and is implemented with a trusting and natural musical authority. He manages convincingly to underline his pedagogical points with his own playing. In his practice, he has completed workshops in five different countries as well as developed a long termed teaching platform for his co-students at Rhythmic Music Conservatory".

ANDRÉS THOR guitarist and composer, Reykjiavik - Iceland 

(Ari Hoenig, Michael Brecker, Perico Sambeat, the Reykjavík Bigband and Sinfó Nord )


"Bruno is a very thoughtful and inventive educator.  I can recommend him as teacher and musician after meeting with him and hearing him explain his methods and approaches which he explained to a very diverse crowd of students and all of the students I spoke with afterwards were very inspired. Some of the ones I am in contact with mention having used these tools they got at Bruno’s workshop in their practice routines".     

Ph.D Professor DAVID G. HEBERT, Bergen Academy - Norway



"Bruno is musically and pedagogically skilled, entrepreneurially minded, and has a very patient and friendly personality. We had excellent feedback on his workshop at Høgskulen på Vestlandet in Bergen from students and teachers, including, for instance, Christopher Cayari, Lars Kolstad, Beverlyne Wanjala, Bjørnar S Førde, and Thanh Dao".


ANGELO PALMAS Director of Nuoro Jazz Seminars and Festival - Italy


"During his workshop he brought with him a solid training in pedagogical methods, along with great energy and enthusiasm. Bruno also impressed me and us with his commitment to lifelong learning. He successfully collaborated with the other teachers and took advantage of their experience and artistic and teaching skills". Nuoro Jazz Festival 2016


MARJA HEIMONEN, University lecturer at Sibelius Academy Helsinki - Finland 


"Bruno is a musically and pedagogically excellent teacher, and he is friendly and supportive to everyone. He presented his most interesting research and gave successful workshops for students and teachers. In addition, he participated actively in my research seminar and commented students’ work excellently".

bruno tagliasacchi masia

drummer - educator - composer



Sturlasgade 14, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark

+45 7159 6609

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