Hi, I am Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia

I play drums since I was a teenager and I have taught this beautiful instrument for more than a decade.

As a drummer I have participated in several records with international artists from countries as Italy, Denmark, Poland, USA, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, working alongside names as:

Stefan Schöler (DE) - Claudio Passilongo (DK) - Stefano D´Anna (IT) - Lucia Fodde (IT) - Ricardo Formoso (PT) - Francesco Venerucci (IT) - Richard Andersson (DK) - Dave Liebman (US) - Romulo Duarte de Oliveira (BR) - Niels Wilhelm Knudsen (DK) - Snake Platoform Collective (IT) - Miguel Sucasas (PT).

Working in differen constellations:

Zawadzki/Andersson/Tagliasacchi Masia Trio (DK) - Mads Sonne Quartet (DK) - DRAM Big Band (DK) - Troels Frost Quartet (DK) - Francesco Venerucci Trio (IT) - Adele Pardi Orchestra (IT) - Seven Steps (IT) - Eladio Diaz Orchestra (SP) - Giò Yañez quintet (SP) - Ana Rodriguez Espada (SP).

I have been performing in various jazz festival as:

Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Ponferrada Jazz Festival, Piacenza Jazz Festival, International Jazz Expo, Castellana in Jazz, Nuoro Jazz, Time in Jazz and many  others.

Are you dreaming of playing drums?

Let’s Make Something Great!

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If you are a drummer and want to improve your skills I will tailor a personal development path for you.

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The 4 lessons package ensure an ideal kick-off into the drum world.

You will learn a variety of subjects that will help you improve your skills and lead to a better playing.

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