Zawadzki / Andersson / Tagliasacchi Masia Trio

The trio consist of Kuyavian-Pomeranian pianist Sebastian Zawadzki, Danish bassist Richard Andersson and Sardinian drummer Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia.

Our music is the result of a lasting friendship and loyalty and passion for the Scandinavian jazz sound.

Introspection, imagination, strong interaction and organic unity are displayed in our compositions that leads the listeners to a personal and unique journey.

Album release: beginning of 2020

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Francesco Venerucci feat Dave Liebman, "TRAMAS"

New album for the Italian pianist and composer Francesco Venerucci, whose new compositions have been now recorded for ALPHA MUSIC Rome (IT).


The band feature the world renown jazz icon Dave Liebman on saxophones, Galician trumpeter Ricardo Formoso, Sardinian fellow Tancredi Emmi on double bass and Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia on drums.   


Album release: November 2019

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Eladio Diaz Orchestra, "Obsolescencia Programada"


Asturian saxophonist and composer Eladio Arango Diaz release his second album as leader with an innovative lineup. A sextet joins a chamber orchestra and asturian traditional folk music.

Eladio Diaz saxes, Jacobo De Miguel piano, Horacio Garcia doublebass, Ricardo Formoso trumpet, Fernando Arias vibraphone and Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia on drums.   


Album release : December 2019

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Adele Pardi, "Perdido"


is the latest work of Adele Pardi, cellist and brilliant Italian singer. Dido and Aeneas is an opera in a prologue and three acts, written by the English Baroque composer Henry Purcell with libretto by Nahum Tate.

Adele´s artistic vision convey a peculiar merging of different styles and harmonic approaches, alike jazz, baroque, modern pop and a taste of techno electronic. This album has been recorded with the help of 18 musicians, including a six female voices choir, a chamber music violin quartet and a sextet with whom the artist Adele has been already playing since five year. Lineup included Adele Pardi voice, cello and arrangements, Lorenzo Vitolo piano, Vittorio Cuculo saxes, Pietro Corbascio trumpet, Tancredi Emmi doublebass and Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia on drums.

Album release: December 2019     listen here 

Ana Rodriguez "Swinging at Selmo"  

Rio Selmo is the river crossing the astonishing nature of Bierzo, a northern mountain region in Spain.  

Rio Selmo gives also the name to the main auditorium in Ponferrada, in the province of Castilla Leon, where the recordings of this album took place.  

Ana Espada is a rising jazz voice in the northern regions, and for her first album she gathered musicians from her own land, Portugal and Italy.  

This album is the first jazz release of the Bierzo area and feature Gio Yañez on guitar, Wilson Correia on piano, Alejandro San Pelayo on doublebass and Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia on drums.                                        

Album released in May 2017

Seven Steps Sextet

This band is the result of an artistic encounter in the land of Sardinia in 2012.

During the International Jazz Seminars of Nuoro Jazz - founded by world artist Paolo Fresu -cellist and singer Adele Pardi, saxophonist Vittorio Cuculo, trumpeter Pietro Corbascio, pianist Lorenzo Vitolo, doublebassist Tancredi Emmi and drummer Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia have been all them prized as the best performers for each instrument categories.

They so represented the next year edition of the festival performing original repertoire and co-compositions at Nuoro Jazz festival and many other jazz festival across Italy.

They have recorded a live album at Piacenza Jazz Festival in 2015.

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Snake Platform Orchestra

Snake Platform is a conducted impro-based and extemporary-composition project.

Conceived for a group of improvisers and a director, Snake (2012) has a double function; a system of led compositions and table-game strategy. This project involves musicians, actors, narrators, dancers and visual artists, nonetheless sound painters and electronic music composers. It base its sound research on orchestration-through-improvisation, radical-bounded to it.

Lineup: Daniele Ledda, director - Mauro Medda, trumpet - Matteo Leone, drums - Annalisa Saiu, vocal - Sergio Tifu, Violin - Francesco Medas, guitars - Walter Demuru, electronics -Alessandro Cau, drums and percussions - Gianfranco Fedele, piano and keys - Valter Mascia, sax -  Michele Uccheddu, percussions - Matteo Muntoni el/doublebass - Diego Soddu, bass and electronics - Massimo Congiu, launeddas (Sardinian ancient reeds flute) - Marco Caredda, vibrafone - Senio Dattena, actor - Michele Pusceddu, video - Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia, drums

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Io Lisa & La Cioccolata

A rock band based in Sardinia at its first EP release.

Giacomo Deiana guitarist, Davide Biggio bassist, Matteo Siddi vocals and Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia drummer have been performing together back in 2011-12.

This album is a result of a fresh hard-rock songs with some poetical italian lyrics by Giacomo.

EP released in 2013

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