what I do

as drummer


I mostly perform jazz music and particularly now I love digging into the "nordic jazz sound".

As a composer I write music that display broad sound scapes entwined with odd rhythms that suggest multidirectional



Copenhagen is a city that I love and where I am currently living and performing.

I work with four bands including a trio "Zawadzki/Andersson/TagliasacchiMasia" with original compositions of mine and the Troels Frost quartet.


In 2018 I was honored to feature three album recordings, touring between Spain, Denmark and Italy to present the works listed here: Adele Pardi "Perdido" - Eladio Diaz Orchestra "Obsolescencia Programada" - Francesco Venerucci trio "Tramas" feat. Ricardo Formoso and David Liebman.

as sideman


I worked - and with some still work - as a drummer for: Danish Radio AM Big Band, Francesco Venerucci, Lucia Fodde, Ricardo Formoso, Eladio Diaz, Gio Yañez, Stefano D´Anna, Richard Andersson, Sebastian Zawadzki, Romulo Duarte de Oliveira, Troels Frost, Cecile Strange, Niels Wilhelm Knudsen, Mads Sonne, Jimmi Roger Pedersen, Seven Steps 6tet, Snake Platform Collective.


Performing in festivals such: Copenhagen Jazz Festival DK, Piacenza Jazz IT, Ponferrada Jazz SP, Castellana Jazz IT, Time in Jazz IT, Sant´Annarresi Jazz IT, Nuoro Jazz IT.



as entrepreneur


I have been awarded in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program funded by the European Union.


My project concern a business plan for a jazz academy and I have been working alongside my music comrade and ever since friend Gio Yañez´s academy "La Casa del Jazz" in Ponferrada, Spain.


Thankfully I could get insights on management, project planning and development, marketing and other skills that would have otherwise been missed.


The collaboration established with this institution have promoted future artistic collaborations hence expanding both parts´ professional network.




Steinhardt University NEW YORK 2017

as a teacher


...info soon

La Casa del Jazz Ponferrada, Spain 2017


as lecturer


...info soon

bruno tagliasacchi masia

drummer - educator - composer



Sturlasgade 14, 2300 Copenhagen, Denmark


+45 7159 6609

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