Bruno teaches in the Oslo area of Norway.

With nearly two decades of teaching experience, Bruno has honed a pedagogical approach that is both robust and adaptable.

This method ensures each student embarks on a personalized learning journey, tailored to meet their individual musical aspirations.

Integral to his teaching philosophy is the inclusion of music and play-along tracks, recognizing drums not only as a rhythmic instrument but as a musical one.

Classes are meticulously structured, incorporating challenges that propel students forward swiftly, enhancing the quality of their playing and learning experience.


Bruno emphasizes the transformative power of challenges, viewing them as gateways to new possibilities in musical expression.

Bruno Tagliasacchi Masia boasts an expansive and comprehensive teaching portfolio.

Throughout his career, he has imparted his expertise in various countries, delivering keynote speeches and facilitating diverse seminars and practical workshops at esteemed music academies and universities.

Some notable institutions include Steinhardt University in Manhattan, New York; FÌH Jazz Academy in Iceland; Bergen University in Norway; Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark; Nuoro Jazz Seminars in Sardinia; La Casa del Jazz in Spain; and Sibelius Academy in Finland.